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As our company has gone through a period of dramatic growth, Cornerstone has become our go to source for construction and permanent financing. Speed and dependability of execution is critical for us, as well as achieving the lowest rates possible, and in both these categories Cornerstone has delivered. While there are many alternatives in the marketplace, Cornerstone has become a single source for us and we look forward to expanding this relationship.

Bruce Percelay, The Mount Vernon Company

We have worked with Cornerstone on many transactions over the years and have always been glad that we did. They have access to many capital sources allowing them to deliver us the best rate and terms available. That is something that pays off over and over throughout the life of a loan. In addition, working with Cornerstone greatly reduces the amount of up-front work required to put together the information that lenders want to see. As the Cornerstone team gathers and synthesizes the data during the due diligence process they are saving me and my team the time of doing so and, we know the job is getting done right. We have also been happy to be able to use some of Cornerstone’s third party vendors that have allowed us to reduce costs on appraisals, environmental, and other reports. Cornerstone is a great partner that we plan on working with for many years to come.

Charles Hajjar, Hajjar Management Co., Inc.

In my mind, one of the differentiating strengths of Cornerstone is how they know which lender is the right fit for each property type and transaction. At Brickpoint, on the occasions that we have asked them to approach multiple lenders, more often than not we have concluded the loan with their original suggestion. Cornerstone represents us with speed and purpose and we have clearly benefited by being able to concentrate our time and resources effectively. Lastly, sharing confidential information is always uncomfortable but knowing that it is protected with integrity compliments our own values. We have worked with Cornerstone for twenty-five five years and hope to continue for at least twenty-five more.

Bryce Tinmouth, Brickpoint Properties

As a multi-generational real estate family, our company is forged on trusted relationships.  Cornerstone has been one of those for over 10 years.  Being exposed to hundreds of transactions with some of the best property owners in the business, Cornerstone is keen to share the non-propriety secrets that help improve my family’s business.  Over the years, this has accounted for countless hours and dollars saved.  While our relationship with Cornerstone started for their debt expertise, it has grown to a level far beyond.  Cornerstone has become a trusted partner and will continue to be for years to come.

Marcello Micozzi, Micozzi Management

Because they have hands on experience in all sides of commercial investing, the relationship goes well beyond solid brokerage services. I consider them a trusted advisor, providing insight and advice on everything from investment analysis to operating details. Always looking beyond the transaction with a long term partnership mentality, they do not hesitate to tell you what they really think about any aspect of a deal. The peace of mind and trust that comes with such an honest and value added approach is simply invaluable, and all too hard to come by these days.

Jeff Bruce, True North Capital

Through their knowledge of the market and well-established lending relationships, Cornerstone has given me the confidence to grow my real estate business. They help control all aspects of the process, from dealing with appraisers and other third-party property inspections to making sure that no one is overcharging for their fees. Every deal is different and Cornerstone approaches each transaction with that in mind and always delivers the best financing for my situation. Even if you have some established banking relationships, Cornerstone will shop the market and get you the best rates and terms available, saving you money, time, and aggravation.

Andreas Tsitos, United Properties Inc

Cornerstone’s knowledge of the apartment market, interest rate environment and the mortgage market makes them a crucial part of our team. Cornerstone is always there to provide advice at all stages of the bid, due diligence and closing processes. They ensure that the loan closes without a hitch every time by closely monitoring the appraisal process, the inspection process, and the credit/underwriting process. Every real estate investor needs the right team in place to manage their real estate business including attorneys, accountants and mortgage advisors. We made Cornerstone a part of that team several years ago and we are glad we did!

Chris Bilotti, The Bilotti Group

Debt and capital markets can shift quickly and without much notice. Being able to get up to date information with one phone call to Cornerstone is an invaluable asset to our team. BREC would not be where it is today without Cornerstone. Most of our deals are outside the proverbial box that lenders typically like to work within and Cornerstone has worked tirelessly on our behalf over the years. We involve Cornerstone on strategic decisions at the inception stage of deals, rely heavily on them to get us through every detail of a loan closing and continuously discuss with them our overall goals for the portfolio over time. In every aspect, we have been impressed with the team at Cornerstone.

Will Avanessian, Boston Real Estate Collaborative