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About Us

In 2004, after almost 20 years in the world of banking and real estate asset management, Paul Natalizio founded Cornerstone Realty Capital with the primary focus of assisting clients with commercial mortgage financing by providing the best service possible. Since that time, our expertise, access to capital, and honest feedback on all aspects of transactions has allowed us to become recognized as one of the top commercial mortgage brokerage companies in the marketplace.

While we are proud of our success, it is the relationships we have built that have made Cornerstone what it is today. Being a banker and a real estate owner and manager, Paul has a tremendous understanding of the business that both our clients and lending partners are in. That knowledge and understanding has been instilled throughout the Cornerstone Team and has driven us to put these relationships at the forefront of our business. This, combined with our ability to share non-proprietary best practices developed by some of the most prominent and well respected owners and operators in the business with our new and existing relationships, gives Cornerstone a unique ability to assist clients above and beyond financing.